Property Deeds 3/29/19 – 4/05/19

Warranty Deeds

Grantor(s) Grantee(s) Security File Date
Clifford Flint Reynolds John McCullough, Martilda McCullough Beverly Ln 3/29/2019
Josephine Odom Alicia Cone, Patsy Rentz Bethel Ln 4/1/2019
Dale R McClendon, Victoria D McClendon Zackery Cutchin Mildred St 4/2/2019
Craig E Miller Aaron Austin, Eric J Austin Longleaf Sub 4/2/2019
Zackery Cutchin Zackery Cutchin, Faith Cutchin Mildred St 4/2/2019
Bainbridge Bikfest Inc. John Keith Griffin Land Lot: 326 District: 15 (100 Acres) 4/2/2019
Jessie Thornton Tiffiny Latreace Thornton E Broughton St 4/2/2019
William Mack Lane Chason G Phillips, Gary J Phillips Long Rd 4/3/2019
Richard Hall, Helen Hall Abby Glass Land Lot: 146 District: 15 4/3/2019
Eddie James Mills Jerome Mills Land Lot: 292, 309 District: 20 4/4/2019
PennyMac Loan Services LLC Cody Louge, Jessilyn Louge Eakin Rd – Climax 4/5/2019


Quitclaim Deeds

Grantor(s) Grantee(s) Security Amount File Date
Alycia Gail Meadows Alex R Harrell Land Lot: 462 District: 15 Divorced Based Transfer 4/3/2019
PNC Bank NA Lan T Hoang, Ben Pham Land Lot: 459 District: 15 Quitclaim Release 4/5/2019
Geneva Jones Sidney J Jones, Jr. Planter St Love and Affection 4/5/2019


Foreclosure Deeds

Grantor(s) Grantee(s) Security File Date
Bobby Dale Blevins, Michelle D Blevins Michelle D Blevins Land Lot: 322 District: 27″ 4/3/2019
Annie Pearl Crump, Henry Lee Crump, Sandra Crump Gurley, Terri C Lee Davis Terri C Lee Davis Powell St 4/4/2019
Elli Mae King Lillian King Barber Land Lot: 276 District: 15″ 4/4/2019
Carson N Hatcher Virginia R Hatcher Patriot Properties LLC Evans St 4/5/2019

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