PT-61 Filings 3/29/19 – 4/05/19

Buyer(s) Seller(s) Property Amount Sale Date
Robert Sellers, Sherry Sellers James Totten Lakeshore Dr $158,000 12/10/2018
Martilda McCullough, John McCullough Clifford Flint Reynolds Beverly Ln $0 3/20/2019
Darren Heard The Bank of New York Manhole Rd $39,623 3/25/2018
Norma Jean Sanders, David Oral Grubbs Norma Jean Sanders Dothan Rd $0 3/25/2019
James Maxwell Taylor Jean Wind Taylor Estate Quincy Hwy $0 3/26/2019
Lee Hank Townsend, III, Mary D Townsend Don Mullis Lakeshore Dr $60,000 3/28/2019
Sandra Harrell Ruppert Clyde White Quail Run $133,000 3/28/2019
Patriot Properties LLC Brock Construction & Realty Inc B34-48 $105,000 3/28/2019
Alan Lamb Brenda H Hamm $239,000 3/28/2019
Robert W French, Patricia Ann Bragdon Brian English 3/28/2019
Billy Cowgur, Artie G Cowgur, Justin Damian Pelletier Billy Cowgur $0 3/29/2019
Cynthia Regina Greene Vanson Nguyen Columbia St $56,000 3/29/2019
Alicia Cone, Patsy Rentz Josephine Odom Bethel Ln $0 4/1/2019

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